How to Wash Car at Home with Easy steps, Benefits and Precautions

Wash car at home is not rocket science; it’s easy and simple. In this guide, I will show you how to wash a car at home using easy steps, just a bucket and water. I will also discuss the precautions to take while washing a vehicle, the benefits of washing a car at home, and the tools needed for the job. Don’t worry; when I say “tools,” I mean basic items like buckets, cloth, and a toothbrush.

Now, there’s no need to search for a “car wash near me” because here, you will learn three simple steps to wash any car at home.

In the first step, we will explore how to clean the car before a water wash, covering both the interior and exterior. The second step will teach you how to wash the car using water and shampoo, including the proper way to apply shampoo. You’ll also learn how to clean the windshield glass and car dashboard. In the third step, you will learn how to dry the car’s body and the proper method for using a microfiber cloth.

Some Important Points You Should Know Before Car Washing.

I will present these points in a simple manner

  1. Do not park your vehicle in direct sunlight. Always park it in a shady spot to prevent water droplets from drying too quickly. When water droplets dry on the glass or paint, they can leave white spots that are difficult to clean.
  2. Do not use regular cloth cleaning detergent to wash your car because it can damage the car’s paint. Over time, you will begin to notice clear signs of paint damage.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth to remove water from a car’s body because other types of cloth can scratch the car’s paint or glass. Therefore, it’s best to always use a microfiber cloth.
  4. Please do not use plastic polish on the paint as it can be harmful like poison.

Before starting car washing, I want to address some questions that are often on people’s minds.

  1. Is it okay to wash car at home? Yes, of course, you can wash your car at home. However, it’s essential to know the proper way to do it. In some cases, people damage the car’s paint or accidentally scratch the glass. So, it’s okay to wash your car at home, but with the proper knowledge. Here, you can acquire authentic knowledge about home car washing.
  2. Is hand wash good for car wash? I would recommend hand washing, but avoid using regular cloth; instead, use a microfiber cloth for better results when washing your car by hand. Also, please review the precautions for car washing, as some people accidentally damage their cars while washing them at home.

Basic Tools Required for Home Car Washing

in our car washing mathod tools list is too sort and effective.

  1. Two buckets
  2. Water
  3. Shampoo 50 gram ( Hair wash shampoo is The Best)
  4. Two microfiber cloth
  5. Two simple cloth
  6. ToothPaste for headlight
  7. One tooth brash
  8. One big soft brash
  9. Wax (optional)

Now that we’re ready with our tools, let’s move on to the main part of the picture.

Three Easy Steps To Wash Car at Home






Pre-wash cleaning consists of two parts: outer cleaning and interior cleaning.

For outer cleaning, remove soft dirt and bird droppings with a cloth, and if necessary, use a small amount of water.

Interior cleaning can be a bit more complex due to the various components in a car. Here’s a simplified approach:

  1. Start with the Dashboard. Begin by using a dry cloth to clean it, then follow up with a damp cloth, taking your time for thorough cleaning.
  2. Remove the floor mats, if present.
  3. Clean the inner roof with a dry cloth, applying gentle pressure.
  4. Clean the inner sides of the doors. First, use a dry cloth to remove dirt, and then a slightly damp cloth (not too wet).
  5. Clean all seats with a dry cloth, followed by a damp cloth. Take your time to clean all interior parts properly.
  6. Finally, clean the floor using the same method as for other interior parts, starting with a dry cloth and then using a damp cloth.

With proper cleaning, you’ll notice a significant difference before and after the cleaning process.


After completing the pre-wash cleaning, we are now ready for the wet wash of the car.

Start by taking water in a bucket and spreading it all over the car’s body. Begin with the roof, then move to the car’s hood, and proceed to the left and right side doors, as well as the panels and the back side of the car. Ensure that all areas are adequately covered with water. Wetting the car’s body is crucial for cleaning very small dirt particles. If necessary, you can apply water two to three times to ensure that the entire body is properly soaked.

The entire video isn’t meant for you; just focus on the segment about applying the shampoo mixture to the car body.

Now, let’s prepare the shampoo mixture with water. Mix 50 grams of shampoo into three separate portions, resulting in three buckets of shampoo mixture.

Begin by applying the shampoo mixture to all the wheel rims or alloy wheels. Take a large, soft brush and scrub all four wheels. For more intricate areas, you can use a toothbrush. Once the wheels are cleaned with the brush, start applying the shampoo mixture to the car’s body.


Dip a microfiber cloth into the shampoo mixture. Start with the roof, then move to all the side pillars, followed by the doors, hood, back side, and front side of the car.

Applying the shampoo mixture to the windshield glass requires a bit of care due to its fragility. In this case, begin at the top and make right-left movements, gradually working downward. Apply the mixture to important areas like the door pillars on both sides. For these areas, open all the doors and apply with a gentle touch.

Now, it’s time to address the headlights. For a refreshed look, apply toothpaste to the headlight glass and gently scrub with a toothbrush. This should help improve the clarity of the glass.

After completing the shampoo and headlight work, it’s time to rinse your car with water. Just as before, spread water all over the body, but this time, use a microfiber cloth. Wipe in left-right motions to wash away the shampoo and toothpaste from the car’s body. Ensure that the shampoo is completely washed out.

Now, we’re approaching the last and final step of the car wash at home journey. Before moving on to the next step, give the car 5 minutes. During this time, most of the water will naturally drip off the car onto the ground.


Drying the car after a wash is a crucial step. Areas where water doesn’t dry may eventually lead to rusting. Therefore, take a dry microfiber cloth and start drying the car from the front side to the back. Make sure all panels are thoroughly cleaned and dried. If necessary, open the car’s hood and clean all the corners, and do the same for all the doors. After completing the cleaning and drying process, conduct one more inspection.

Now, if you have wax available, it’s the right time to apply it. Take a microfiber cloth, apply wax to the panel, and with gentle pressure, polish it off with the cloth. You’ll notice the car’s shine improve.

These are the simple three steps to wash your car at home. You can perform home washing on a weekly basis to keep your car looking new and maintain its overall condition. Regular washing is a crucial factor in keeping your car in good shape

What Precautions Should You Take While Washing a Car at Home?

Here are some precautions to take while washing your car at home:

  1. Remove metal jewelry from your hands before washing to prevent potential scratches on the car’s paint or glass.
  2. Avoid using cloth cleaning detergent for car washing, as it can damage your car’s paint.
  3. Always use a microfiber cloth for washing your car.
  4. Choose a shaded parking spot when washing your car.
  5. Start the washing process with the rim wheels or alloy wheels.
  6. After washing with water, ensure proper drying using a dry microfiber cloth. Leftover water droplets can eventually lead to rusting of the car’s body. Keep this in mind for a thorough car wash.

Top 5 Benefits of Car Washing at Home.

There are numerous benefits to washing your car at home, but here, I’ll mention the top 5 advantages

  1. The primary and most significant benefit of washing your car at home is the opportunity to thoroughly inspect your car from every angle. Often, people drive their cars without closely monitoring their condition. Over time, they might discover body scratches, broken parts, or unusual issues with the car. Thus, I consider this thorough inspection to be the primary benefites of washing your car at home.
  2. Keeping your car clean and maintaining a fresh interior ensures a pleasant environment for you and your passengers.
  3. Regular washing and proper care are integral to maintaining a car’s condition, which, in turn, preserves its resale value.
  4. Washing your car at home can lead to significant cost savings in the long term, despite the seemingly low car wash prices.
  5. An evident benefit is that the physical activity of washing your car once a week provides a form of exercise and stretching, promoting good health.

Note: Costlier areas vehicles often avoid frequent washing because if any water is left on certain body parts, it can eventually lead to rusting of the car’s body.

What are The Washing Periods of Car at Home.

There is a two washing periods people used to wash car at home.

  1. weekly washing at home
  2. monthly washing at service station

In a weekly washing routine, you can clean both the interior and the exterior of the car using shampoo and water. I would consider this the best car washing practice, as it offers several benefits.

For a monthly washing at a service station, they typically include washing the car’s underbody and inside the fender. This monthly washing, done every 40 to 60 days, is essential for maintaining the good appearance and condition of your car.


In conclusion, washing your car at home is a straightforward and beneficial practice. However, it’s crucial to follow the proper procedures to avoid accidentally damaging your car’s paint and body parts. I hope this information makes home car washing easy and hassle-free for you.

For more information of this kind regarding car care and maintaining the health of your vehicle, feel free to explore our additional articles.
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