The Xiaomi SU7 EV Range, Price and Features Explained

Credit: Sami Luo Tech

Xiaomi’s SU7 EV is their very first car, marking a big entrance into the electric vehicle world. During the launch event, the company’s CEO Lei Jun pledged to deliver top-notch technology, stylish design, and strong performance. They even threw down a challenge to Tesla and other major electric car makers. If you want all the details about the SU7 EV – like its size, battery power pack, Price and Range: how far it can go on a single charge and other important features – you’re in the right place. Get ready for an inside look at everything you need to know about the Xiaomi SU7 EV!

Xiaomi MI SU7 Electric Car on the road videos leak

Xiaomi SU7 EV Dimension and Specification

TypeElectric Sedan
Length4,997 mm
Width1,963 mm
HeightUp to 1,455 mm
Wheelbase3,000 mm
Battery ConfigurationsTwo (Based on energy storage capacity)
Xiaomi SU 7 EV Dimension and Specification

The Xiaomi SU7, a four-door electric sedan, exhibits dimensions of 4,997 mm in length, 1,963 mm in width, and a variable height up to 1,455 mm. With a substantial wheelbase of 3,000 mm, the SU7 is available in two configurations, distinguished by the energy storage capacity of its battery, providing versatility to cater to various power needs.

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Xiaomi SU7 EV Battery Capacity and KM Range

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Battery Capacity
Credit: Sami Luo Tech
VariantBattery Pack SizeCTB TechnologyRange
Entry-level73.6 kWhXiaomi’s CTBUp to 800 km
Top-of-the-line101 kWhXiaomi’s CTBUp to 800 km
Upcoming Variant (V8, 2025)150 kWhXiaomi’s CTBUp to 1,200 km (estimated)
Xiaomi SU 7 EV Battery Capacity and KM Range

Xiaomi’s SU7 lineup offers diverse variants with varying battery pack sizes. The entry-level and top-of-the-line models feature 73.6 kWh and 101 kWh battery packs, respectively, both integrated with Xiaomi’s proprietary CTB (Cell-to-Body) technology. This integration enhances structural rigidity, eliminates the floor, and reduces cabin height, resulting in a more spacious interior.

Xiaomi SU7 EV Range

The SU7 is claimed to provide an impressive range of up to 800 km on a single charge. Additionally, an upcoming variant, the V8 (expected in 2025), will boast a larger 150 kWh battery pack, aiming for an estimated range of up to 1,200 km.

Xiaomi SU7 EV Price

At the Xiaomi SU 7 EV event, the company’s CEO didn’t tell us how much the car would cost or give any starting price but Xiaomi promised that it’s cheaper than Tesla’s Electric Vehicles for sure. and maybe in the next event, we hope Xiaomi will share the price details of this electric vehicle. Stay tuned for updates!

Xiaomi SU7 EV Motor Power and Top Speed

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Motor Power and Top Speed
Credit: Sami Luo Tech
Motor VariantPower Output (hp)Peak Torque (Nm)Top Speed (kmph)
V6299Up to 635210
V6S374Up to 635265
Xiaomi SU 7 EV Motor Power and Top Speed

Xiaomi’s SU7 electric sedan boasts impressive performance, featuring two mass-produced motors – the V6 and V6S. The power output of these motors ranges between 299 hp for the V6 variant and 374 hp for the V6S variant, both delivering a peak torque of up to 635 Nm.

The top speed of the SU7 varies with the motor variant, with lower variants reaching 210 kmph and higher variants achieving an impressive 265 kmph. This positions the SU7 among some of the quickest electric vehicles worldwide, emphasizing Xiaomi’s commitment to high-performance electric mobility.

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Aesthetic Marvel in Design

Xiaomi SU7 EV Exterior Features

The Xiaomi Su Seven EV boasts an impressive array of exterior features that contribute to its sleek and aerodynamic design.

Window Design and Roof Slope

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Window Design and Roof Slope
Credit: Sami Luo Tech

The front window of the Su Seven is angled at 28 degrees, providing a unique aesthetic while contributing to aerodynamic efficiency. The 17-degree sloping roof complements the window design, creating a seamless and stylish profile.


Xiaomi has invested in aerodynamics, evident in the eight sets of carefully crafted aerodynamic designs. The facial data claims a world-leading drag coefficient of CD zero 195 for mass-produced cars. This commitment to aerodynamic efficiency is crucial for maximizing performance and range in an electric vehicle.

Distinctive Front Design

Xiaomi SU7 Distinctive Front Design
Credit: Sami Luo Tech

The front design of the Su Seven reflects minimalistic lines and a closed grey hood. The Mi logo holds a prominent position on both sides, adding a touch of brand identity. The unique headlight design, inspired by the Chinese character “Mi Mi,” showcases Xiaomi’s attention to detail and cultural resonance.

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Color Options

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Color Options
Credit: Sami Luo Tech

Currently available in Golf Blue, Olive Green, and Ash Gray, Xiaomi has also showcased additional colors. The company actively seeks preferences and suggestions from potential customers, emphasizing a customer-centric approach to design.

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Interior Teasers and Technological Prowess

Moving beyond the exterior, Xiaomi tantalizes us with insights into the Su Seven’s interior and technological capabilities.

Smart Cockpit and Intelligent Driving

While specific details about the smart cockpit and intelligent driving features are yet to be revealed, Xiaomi promises a seamless and technologically advanced driving experience. This includes features related to autonomous driving and an intelligent cockpit, details of which will be unveiled in the official launch event.

Core Components and Hardware Excellence

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Core Components and Hardware Excellence
Credit: Sami Luo Tech

Xiaomi places a strong emphasis on the core components that drive the Su Seven’s performance. The electric motor specifications, particularly the Xiaomi Supermotor V6 and V6S, highlight the company’s commitment to hardware excellence. With a capability to reach 21,000 rpm, these motors boast impressive silicon steel material with a high pencil strength, setting them apart in the EV landscape.

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Battery Technology

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Battery Technology

The Su Seven’s battery technology is a crucial aspect of its overall performance. Xiaomi’s battery features cooling capabilities comparable to 150 kW levels, ensuring optimal efficiency. The use of aerospace-grade aerogel insulation material enhances safety and performance. Xiaomi has also established its battery pack factory and secured numerous patents related to battery technology.

Innovative Large Casting

Xiaomi SU 7 EV Innovative Large Casting
Credit: Sami Luo Tech

Xiaomi’s commitment to innovation extends to large casting, where the company has independently designed equipment and a castro system. These innovations have surpassed tests of 9,000 tons with a capacity of 9,100 tons. Xiaomi’s collaboration with a material lab for the development of titanium alloy underscores its determination to lead in materials and technology.

Future Unveilings

Xiaomi’s Pursuit of Excellence

Xiaomi SU 7 EV
Credit: Sami Luo Tech

As Xiaomi ventures into the electric vehicle market, it aims to position itself as a formidable competitor to established players like Tesla. The comprehensive strength in core components, electric motor technology, large casting, autonomous driving, and intelligent cockpit features suggests a holistic approach to EV development. Xiaomi’s relentless pursuit of excellence in materials and technology positions the Su Seven as a contender worth watching.

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The Xiaomi Su Seven EV emerges as a compelling addition to the electric vehicle landscape, marrying elegant design with cutting-edge technology. From its distinctive exterior features to the tantalizing teasers of its interior and technological prowess, Xiaomi has crafted a narrative that positions the Su Seven as a contender in the competitive EV market.

As the official launch event approaches, consumers and enthusiasts alike anticipate a closer look at the intelligent driving features, smart cockpit, and the seamless integration of advanced technologies. Xiaomi’s commitment to excellence and innovation sets the stage for a promising future in the electric vehicle industry.

Xiaomi Electric Car SU7 First look

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